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What Should Be Paid Attention to in Car Cleaning?

Nov. 07, 2020

The other is car wash technology. Car washing refers to the cleaning inside and outside the car, which is more detailed and cleaner than traditional car washing. Car wash is a problem that every car owner or driver often faces. Car wash shops have gradually become a hot investment project in many large and medium-sized cities.

Car wash is one of the main technical projects in the car wash industry because of its good service, multiple steps, complete equipment, and high cost.

There are many differences between car fine washing and traditional car washing. First of all, car fine washing uses treated soft water instead of ordinary tap water. Even the flannel for wiping the car body is used separately for different body parts.

Long Handle Brushes

Long Handle Brushes

Precautions for car cleaning

Cars should be washed and waxed frequently. After the road salting season is over, the underside of the car should be thoroughly cleaned, and the following points should be paid attention to when cleaning the car:

⑴The longer the salt, dust, insects, bird droppings and other debris stick to the car, the greater the destructive effect on the car, and it should be cleaned in time.

⑵ When washing the car with water, be careful not to spray water into the keyhole.

⑶ If the car is sent to the automatic cleaning equipment for cleaning, the car with roof antenna does not need to be removed.

⑷The body is stained with asphalt, oil stains, industrial dust or insects. If it takes too long, they will damage the paint. Use asphalt remover, insect remover, etc. to remove stains.

⑸ When cleaning the paint surface of the car body, do not use brushes, coarse cloths, etc., to avoid leaving scratch marks.

⑹When cleaning, spray with dispersed water stream to infiltrate the hard dust and mud and be impacted, and then use a sponge to scrub from top to bottom. Finally wipe off the water stains with deerskin.

⑺ When cleaning the engine room, be careful not to splash water on electrical system parts such as distributors and ignition coils. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the engine to start. In case of water splashing on the electrical parts, wipe the water with a dry cloth or blow it with compressed air, and remove the moisture in the distributor cover.

⑻After washing the car or driving in deep water, the braking effect may be reduced due to the soaking of the brake parts. You should lightly step on the brake to judge the braking effect. If the brake is not normal, you should run at low speed while stepping on the brake to dry the brake.

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