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How to Wash the Car Correctly?

Oct. 24, 2020

There are more and more people who own cars, but many car owners have not formed a correct understanding of car washing. Most people wait for the car to be too dirty to wash before going to the car; some people even think that washing the car is enough to wait for it to rain, so you don't need to do it yourself.

In fact, car washing is one of the most basic maintenance measures. Car washing is to remove the sludge on the car body, the pollutants in the air, and the stains such as bird droppings and corpses, and to avoid the corrosion and oxidation of these stains on the paint. Take rainwater as an example. Industrial emissions and automobile exhaust gas cause rainwater to acidify, which can cause great corrosion to car paint. Therefore, the best way to protect the paint is to develop the habit of car washing.

For the work of car washing, you can do it yourself if you have time. Next, the tire cleaning brush exporter will share with you some independent car washing methods.

First, let’s take a look at the weapons and equipment to be prepared:

1. Professional car wash liquid. The choice of car wash is the most important link, and neutral car wash should be selected. Acidic or alkaline cleaners are corrosive to car paint. At present, the more popular car wash wax (waxed car wash liquid) is a good choice.

2. Cleaning Spray Gun. The use of flush guns can greatly improve efficiency and reduce physical output.

3. Two car wash buckets with a filter at the bottom. The purpose of the filter is to allow the sediment to be deposited and prevent the wiped sediment from being carried back to the body.

4. Special car wash gloves. The protection of the opponent, not much to say.

5. Multifunctional detail brush. Clean difficult and dead spots.

6. Fine fiber water-receiving towel.

 Cleaning Spray Gun

 Cleaning Spray Gun

Then, enter the steps of scientific quick washing:

1. Look for a cool place. In order to avoid leaving water marks and spots after washing the car, and at the same time to prevent thermal expansion and contraction from causing damage to the paint, the car washing location should be selected to avoid the hot sun.

2. Wait for the body, front cover and engine to cool down. Uncooled car paint is prone to cracking due to sharp cold shrinkage when exposed to cold water. The same principle will also cause damage to the engine, so I must wait until the body, front cover and engine have cooled down before washing the car.

3.One bucket is filled with clean water, and the other bucket is equipped with car wash liquid.

4. Refer to the car wash instructions and dilute the car wash in proportion.

5. Water gun flushing. Wash the car body from top to bottom. In addition, the pressure of the water gun should not be too high, because the sand and sand on the car body impacted by high pressure will wear the paint.

6. Put on the car wash gloves and dip the matched car wash liquid, and scrub the car body from top to bottom. Be careful not to use too much force during the scrubbing process. If you find that there is still sand, you should immediately rinse with water and then continue scrubbing to prevent scratching the body.

7. Use detail soft brush to handle the corners of the door frame glass.

8. Flush for the second time.

9. Collect water. After the car body is washed, it is particularly important to collect water in order to prevent water marks. Collect water in different areas, and different towels do not serve different areas. Generally, four doors and front and rear covers, glass and roof, and others in the order of priority.

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